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We look forward to hearing stories and seeing photos of how the Busby quintuplets grow and mature.
A SANGRUR couple became the parents of India's first- ever all- girl quintuplets to survive on Tuesday morning.
DANIELLE BUSBY, 31, gave birth to five babies delivered by C-section in Houston, Texas, and is the first to have all-girl quintuplets since 1969.
A EWE has given birth to a rare set of quintuplets.
Flora and Verity Sharpe with Blodwyn the ewe with her rare set of quintuplets at the National Trust-run Arlington Court
found out they were expecting quintuplets, medics told them they would be lucky if even one baby survived.
If the antics of McGinty seem overly agitated, even for a satire, period audiences immediately would have thought of the Canadian cash bonanza produced by the Ontario birth of the Dionne Quintuplets, the first quintuplets known to survive their infancy.
EVENTS 1969: Britain's first live quintuplets born this century make satisfactory progress in London.
Summary: A 24-year-old woman has given birth to quintuplets at a hospital in the south Lebanon city of Tyre.
Ramtha, Aug 12 (Petra) aAC"aAC" A Jordanian mother on Tuesday gave birth to quintuplets, four girls and one boy, according to the King Abdullah University Hospital where the multiple births took place.
Gamache discovers that Constance, 77 years old, was in fact Constance Ouellet, the lone surviving member of quintuplets who had become world-famous upon their birth in the time of the Great Depression.
Top vet Neil McIntosh, of the Abbey Veterinary Group, in Renfrewshire, it 's very said: "It can be a tricky business getting a ewe to accept another's lamb so it's good to hear these very special quintuplets are thriving.