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Variant of khipu.

[American Spanish, from Quechua khipu, knot.]


(ˈkiːpuː; ˈkwɪpuː) or


(Historical Terms) a device of the Incas of Peru used to record information, consisting of an arrangement of variously coloured and knotted cords attached to a base cord
[C17: from Spanish quipo, from Quechua quipu, literally: knot]


(ˈki pu, ˈkwɪp u)

n., pl. -pus.
a device consisting of a cord with knotted strings of various colors attached, used by the ancient Peruvians for recording events, keeping accounts, etc.
[1695–1705; < Sp < Quechua khipu]
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Noun1.quipu - calculator consisting of a cord with attached cordsquipu - calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords; used by ancient Peruvians for calculating and keeping records
calculating machine, calculator - a small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
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The train riddims which from very early in the poetry inhabit the narrative quippu of journey become by the second trilogy (Ancestors) the Yoruba lwa Shango who in the New World has become boogie-woogie, rhythm & blues, John Henry, John Coltrane, the loco/motive engine & in more malevolent 'nature' aspect, hurricane (see Shar 1990)
which of course also connects w/the quippu calypso at (1)