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a. Release or discharge from debt or obligation.
b. A document or receipt certifying such release.
2. Payment of a debt or obligation.

[Middle English quitance, from Old French, from quiter, to free; see quit.]


1. (Law) release from debt or other obligation
2. (Law) a receipt or other document certifying this
[C13: from Old French, from quitter to release from obligation; see quit]


(ˈkwɪt ns)

1. recompense or requital.
2. discharge from a debt or obligation.
3. a document certifying discharge from debt or obligation, as a receipt.
[1175–1225; Middle English quitaunce < Old French quitance=quit(er) to quit + -ance -ance]
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Noun1.quittance - a document or receipt certifying release from an obligation or debt
document - a written account of ownership or obligation
2.quittance - payment of a debt or obligation
payment - a sum of money paid or a claim discharged
redemption - repayment of the principal amount of a debt or security at or before maturity (as when a corporation repurchases its own stock)




References in classic literature ?
He then folded the quittance, and put it under his cap, adding, ``Peril of thy heard, Jew, see that this be full and ample
Petersburg, I should have flung at him a quittance for my foolish stepfather's debts, and then dismissed him.
d'Artagnan dying in this enterprise, liquidation will be considered made, and the Sieur Planchet will give quittance from that moment to the shade of Messire d'Artagnan for the twenty thousand livres paid by him into the hands of the said company.
Pay me three hundred pounds, Sir Richard," said he, "and I will give thee quittance of thy debt.
Bear in mind, Sir Prior," said he, "that thou hast promised me quittance for three hundred pounds.
SOLICITORS Jeremy Garside and Howard Willis have been appointed directors of national claims management company Quittance Personal Injury.
Approval of the balance sheet and profit and loss account of the company (consolidated financial statements) for the year 2014, and the quittance of the members for their management for the year.
No matter how skilled is the doctor in his science and practice, according to medicine custom he has duty to apply all scientific and common standards to improve the patient from the moment of the entrance until the completion of the diagnostic otherwise if the patient suffers from a damage, the doctor is responsible, although the patient was treated with his permission or his parent permission and before the treatment the doctor has obtained the a quittance, Because the permission and a quittance is not a reason for the carelessness and imprudence of the doctor.
The measures include a detailed verification process based on CNIC, digital pictures and matching both with quittance rolls.
Assets of Bartholomew O'Brien Loans to Paroisse Notre Dame Date of loan Amount Quittance Details July 18, 1924 500 1839 2 Aug 1828 200 26 Aug 1837 7 Jan 1829 150 4 May 1838 28 July 1829 150 26 Aug 1837 19 Oct 1829 100 4 May 1838 27 Jan 1832 666 7 Mar 1835 500 26 Aug 1837 Lost to bankrupts Name Amount Bankruptcy Other Details parties Dwight, J A 144 29 Dec 1846 Brennan, Js Hall/ 246 Bishop of Katt Ottawa Murray, Patrick 40 1 Dec 1846 Kelly, John & Co McMahon, Joseph 32 31 Jan 1846 Converse, John E 341 251u1 1842 Perkins, R H & Co Holiday, John the 8 19 Sep 1844 Bathurst, Younger Upper Canada Link, John 6 19 July 1844 Upper Canada Day, Thomas 17 15 Feb 1848 Latham, Richard 343 4 Dec 1846 Loss 250 Holt, C P 304 17 Aug 1842 Dorwin, J H Holt, G.
The delegations approved a project to set up a GCC e-system to process traffic violations, issue quittance certificates and export vehicles.
Such advice against borrowing and suretyship friendship found in both early modern prose texts and dramatic fiction is put to the blade when Antonio must tender his flesh in quittance of Bassanio's debt.