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Noun1.quiz program - a game show in which contestants answer questions
game show, giveaway - a television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards
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200 teams from different universities of the province participated in Computer Science Quiz program, Web designing, Spot Photography, short film, gaming and other competition and presented their projects as well.
The daylong festival was scheduled with multiple activities, entertainment programs and shows, food street, performances by famous comedians of the country, puppet show, magic show, quiz program, musical chair, painting competition, jumping castle, face painting, firework, sports activities and special activities for women.
The city is currently hosting national delegates of a national science quiz program hosted by the Teachers Camp, some coming from as far as Mindanao.
Palestinian Media Watch reports that a daily quiz program on PA TV during the month of Ramadan asked contestants to name "cities in Palestine" -- and then awarded prizes to those who named cities in Israel.
quiz program, Meredith Vieira is one of television's busiest and most familiar faces.
NEW YORK -- Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, N.Y., received $50,000 for a capital campaign, thanks to probably its best-known alumnus--and thanks to his success on the television quiz program "Jeopardy," where information about him might appear like this:
NEW DELHI -- "Mastermind India," a top-rated quiz program produced by the BBC, held its first show of the 2002-03 season at the Baha'i House of Worship.
NEW YORK VH1 has put three gameshow pilots into production, one based on the venerable network-daytime quiz program "Name That Tune."
For the last two years one of the hottest tickets on cable has been Lifetime Television's weeknight game show Debt--a snappy retro '60s quiz program hosted by the ever charming Wink Martindale.
That chapter, entitled Cash Pyramid, is a thoroughly entertaining and revealing look at the mentality of both the quiz program producers and the general audience.
"AMPS has been staging this edifying event since 2004 and our high-caliber quiz program is the most sought-after mind game by school students in Saudi Arabia," said V.C.
Who presents the ITV quiz program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?