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An Inuit or Yupik lamp that is made by hollowing a stone and that burns blubber to generate both light and heat.

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Bill 12, An Act to Amend the Qulliq Energy Corporation Act; and
A "taqqut" is a stick used to light a type of oil lamp called the Qulliq. It's a suiting name for a company whose mandate is to educate youth, and whose main executives come from a background in teaching.
related to guaranteed borrowings by Qulliq Energy Corporation.
The Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) has tested wind turbines in three communities (Nunavut Power, 2002), but even though the use of RETs has grown globally, no significant effort has been made by the federal or territorial government to integrate RETs into Nunavut communities (GN, 2007b; Arent et al., 2011).
Two Government of Nunavut documents, commissioned language-of-instruction research projects, contribute to the conversation related to Nunavut bilingual education: the Qulliq Quvvariarlugu (Corson, 2000) and Aajjiqatigiingniq (Martin, 2000).
They also discuss a qulliq, a lamp that uses mammal blubber as fuel and arctic cotton as a wick (Dawson 2002, 467).
All ceremonies began with the lighting of a Qulliq - the oil lamp once used to heat igloos.
On September 23, 2014, the President of the Qulliq Energy Corporation appeared before the Standing Committee on the occasion of its consideration of the corporation's 2012-2013 annual report and 2014-2018 corporate plan.