interj. Archaic
Used to express surprise or sarcasm, after quoting the word or phrase of another.

[Alteration of quoth he.]


archaic an expression of mild sarcasm, used in picking up a word or phrase used by someone else: Art thou mad? Mad, quotha! I am more sane than thou.
[C16: from quoth a quoth he]


(ˈkwoʊ θə)

interj. Archaic.
indeed! (used ironically or contemptuously in quoting another).
[1510–20; alter. of quoth he]
References in classic literature ?
Ashamed to walk with me, quotha! marry, as good as yourself, I hope."--"Since you make such a return to my civility," said the other, "I must acquaint you, Mrs Honour, that you are not so good as me.
"Wrong, quotha?" cried the other, jumping out of the heather.
"Stay, good friend," quoth he, between bursts of merriment, "thou art the slyest old fox that e'er I saw in all my life!--In the soles of his shoon, quotha!--If ever I trust a poor-seeming man again, shave my head and paint it blue!
At their sharpest, the Forties sustain such rhythmic precision throughout long passages, as when "Headline-Grabbin' Storm Front" (Number 41), wrestles this sprawling line into obedience: "globular corpuscle loden diaphanous sacrilege patterning groined telesacrifice - / massacre patented suffering quotha." Mac Low strings together a series of tangled syllables that seems to go on several words longer than it ought to, with three stresses placed on a piercing, hard "a" sound.
Sir Richard scoffs at her response in revealing terms: Ay, you and your Will may philosophize as long as you please,--Mistress,--but your Body shall be taught another Doctrine,--it shall so,--Your Mind,--and your Soul quotha! Why, what a Pox has my Estate to do with them?
gedrunck, quotha! They may well be called butter-boxes when they drink
Grace quotha? pray God he haue anie: which King dost thou quire for?
Tibble screwed up his mouth in an extraordinary smile as he said, "Relic, quotha? yea, the soothest relic there be of the Lord and Master of us all." "Methought the true Cross was always displayed in the High altar," said Ambrose, as all turned away to a side aisle....