interj. Archaic
Used to express surprise or sarcasm, after quoting the word or phrase of another.

[Alteration of quoth he.]


archaic an expression of mild sarcasm, used in picking up a word or phrase used by someone else: Art thou mad? Mad, quotha! I am more sane than thou.
[C16: from quoth a quoth he]


(ˈkwoʊ θə)

interj. Archaic.
indeed! (used ironically or contemptuously in quoting another).
[1510–20; alter. of quoth he]
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At their sharpest, the Forties sustain such rhythmic precision throughout long passages, as when "Headline-Grabbin' Storm Front" (Number 41), wrestles this sprawling line into obedience: "globular corpuscle loden diaphanous sacrilege patterning groined telesacrifice - / massacre patented suffering quotha.