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 (rə-bĭn′ĭ-kəl) also rab·bin·ic (-ĭk)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of rabbis.

[From obsolete rabbin, rabbi, from French, from Old French rabain, probably from Aramaic rabbīn, pl. of rab, master; see rabbi.]

rab·bin′i·cal·ly adv.
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Absent these immigrant rabbis, Orthodox Judaism in America would have been rabbinically, educationally, institutionally, and numerically far weaker than it is today and the entire course of its postwar history would have been different.
Additionally, an orphan, or his trustee, may charge rabbinically prohibited interest (Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah 160:18).
11) Generally, however, queerness in post-Portnoy Roth tends, with the notable exceptions of Louis Jelinek in The Professor of Desire (1977), Bertram Flusser in Indignation (2008), and Leo Glucksman in I Married A Communist (1998), to whom I shall return later, to be implicit and to manifest itself in the representation of hyper-masculine Jewish men who are far removed both from Sheldon, the Jewish queen, and from the rabbinically studious model of the feminized Jewish male, exemplified by Ronald.
A Rabbinically grounded political stance would therefore demand of any system that provides opportunities for unlimited contributions by the rich that it construct a mechanism or mechanisms by which the poor might counterbalance the disproportionate influence such contributions would inevitably gain.
Berachot 26b which debate whether the Amidah is biblically or rabbinically ordained, and the rabbinic unpacking of Hannah's praying (I Samuel 1-2 in BT.
Besides the mechanical issues, however, there is, biblically, a mandate to have a boy and a girl; and rabbinically, a mitzvah to have more children beyond that; and these are offset, often, by the physical and emotional needs of the mother.
Now for the first time, with the aid of their new toaster, they could sample such delicacies as rabbinically certified frozen knishes and pizza bagels.
16 luncheon in Santa Marta's dining room was a special occasion that warranted more -- including the extensive, rabbinically supervised sterilizing of the hotel kitchen that on-site kosher cooking entails.
If polygamy was not de facto common in Tannaitic times, it was certainly accepted rabbinically de jure.
Abortion is forbidden--most say biblically forbidden and some say rabbinically forbidden.
Yet, as I have argued elsewhere, the prevalence of a rabbinically correct Judaism among New Christians in France by 1700 was not natural or preordained--not even among the elites.
Further, Henry's rabbinically inspired readings of key biblical passages to justify his divorce opened up the possibilities for any literate person to read the Bible against the grain.