rabbit burrow

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Noun1.Rabbit burrow - a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbitsrabbit burrow - a hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits
hollow, hole - a depression hollowed out of solid matter
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In the summer months you are likely to find wheatears on high ground, particularly moorland, where they will nest in a hole in a cliff or a dry-stone wall, or even an old rabbit burrow.
Some come from gamekeepers who have lost a ferret down a rabbit burrow and had to leave them as they won't come back out.
What about that rabbit burrow filled with bunk beds, or the upside-down furnishings in the bats' cave?
Led by the white rabbit, they will decorate their own Alice-style cupcakes and make glow in the dark food, before jumping through a life size rabbit burrow to eat their light-up treats in a pitch black warren.
But the mischievous dog ended up getting itself trapped for five hours after squeezing its way into a collapsed rabbit burrow.
The hotel also boasts eight themed suites including the Chocolate Room and Peter Rabbit Burrow - a favourite with celebrities such as Jonathan Ross and Jade Jagger.
We're not sure how Bracken ended up in a rabbit burrow.
JAKE the Jack Russell was trapped underground in a rabbit burrow for 25 days - wriggling free only after losing a quarter of his weight.
But she soon came to a halt after running into the rabbit burrow which then collapsed.
They found the black bag, which was loosely tied with a blue rope near a rabbit burrow believed to contain other dog remains.
Survival courses mean he can copy Ray Mears, break his ankle in a rabbit burrow and get it out of his system.
And soon after being drafted in Lucy had indeed sniffed out Buddy's location in a rabbit burrow in a field at Kincraig Farm.

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