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Noun1.rabbit test - pregnancy test that involves injecting some of the woman's urine into an unmated female rabbit and later examining the ovaries of the rabbit; presence of corpora lutea indicates that the woman is pregnant
pregnancy test - a physiological test to determine whether a woman is pregnant
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The number of animals used for batch release of insulins could therefore drop considerably, since the in vitro test proved to have no disadvantages compared to the rabbit test with respect to specificity, precision, reproducibility and robustness (Tennagels et al., 2017).
In this report, the pyrogen testing market is categorized into three test segments in vitro pyrogen test, LAL (Limulus amebocyte lysate) test, and rabbit test. The LAL test is further sub segmented in to chromogenic tests, turbidimetric tests, and gel clot tests.
We have not tried him with other rabbits yet as he has recently been neutered but we can do a rabbit test if required.