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n. pl. rab·bits or rabbit
1. Any of various long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammals of the family Leporidae, such as the commonly domesticated species Oryctolagus cuniculus, native to Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, or the cottontail of the Americas.
2. A hare.
3. The flesh of a rabbit, used as food.
4. The fur of a rabbit or hare.
5. Sports
a. A competitor who is designated to set a fast pace for a teammate during a long-distance race.
b. A racehorse that is run at a fast pace early in a race in order to tire the favorite so that another horse can take the lead.
c. A mechanical decoy that is propelled around the track in a greyhound race to incite the dogs.
intr.v. rab·bit·ed, rab·bit·ing, rab·bits
To hunt rabbits or hares.

[Middle English rabet, young rabbit, probably from Old French, from Middle Dutch robbe, rabbit.]

rab′bit·er n.


(Professions) chiefly Austral a person who traps and sells rabbits
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He had many adventures and misadventures including falling off the tender near Manoora and limping back to the station there, and being 'dognapped' by a rabbiter unaware of his celebrity status.
The only feasible method of harvesting, apart from the unconscionably cruel practice of trapping, seemed to be ferreting, supplemented with shooting, and I managed to track down a guy who called himself the last rabbiter in Victoria.
This seventy-three-year old rabbiter routinely spent his pension on drinking sprees; on such occasions he would often disappear several days.