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rab·ble 1

1. A tumultuous crowd; a mob.
2. The lowest or unrefined class of people. Often used with the.
3. A group of persons regarded with contempt: "After subsisting on the invisible margins of the art scene ... he was 'discovered' in the mid-80's, along with a crowd of like-minded rabble from the East Village" (Richard B. Woodward).

[Middle English.]

rab·ble 2

1. An iron bar used to stir and skim molten iron in puddling.
2. Any of various similar tools or mechanically operated devices used in roasting or refining furnaces.
tr.v. rab·bled, rab·bling, rab·bles
To stir or skim (molten iron) with an iron bar.

[French râble, fire shovel, from Old French roable, from Medieval Latin rotābulum, from Latin rutābulum, from rutus, past participle of ruere, to rake up, tumble down.]

rab′bler n.


another name for rabble21