race driver

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Noun1.race driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speedsrace driver - someone who drives racing cars at high speeds
finisher - a racing driver who finishes a race
driver - the operator of a motor vehicle
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The biggest attraction remains country's celebrated race driver Nadir Magsi, the winner of Jhal Magsi and Cholistan Rally who has also been nicknamed as Pakistan's Michael Schumacher for his prolific track record.
WITH his car breaking apart around him, a race driver spins through the air in a terrifying 125mph crash.
The intention is to use on-line qualifying within 107 percent of a set time as part of the process then the competition is within the reach of everyone who has a dream of becoming a race driver.
There's still a lot of speculation, but in the end he is a crazy race driver, and he wants to come back to racing.
RACE Driver concentrates much of its energy on creating new tracks to use, which certainly adds to the longevity of the game.
So it's no stretch of the imagination that in TOCA Race Driver you play the part of Ryan McKane, youngest of two sons of a former champion.
This is a great opportunity and I'm really excited about my first full season as a race driver in Formula One," said Davidson.
Fortunately, TOCA Race Driver doesn't fall into that category and goes full throttle for top gameplay with the bonus of a movie-style storyline.
We have teamed up with Codemasters to give away 10 copies of their fantastic new game TOCA Race Driver for the PlayStation 2.