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a racemic compound
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(reɪˈsi meɪt, rə-)

a racemic compound.
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Several pharmaceutical formulations and supplements are manufactured with racemate (DL-carnitine), although only the levorotatory form is biologically active (Sanchez-Hernandez et al., 2010a, 2010b; Dqbrowska & Starek, 2014).
A racemate compound with a pair of cis/trans has DF=0.5 or 50%, while with two pairs, has DF=0.25 or 25% for each diastereomer.
The plasma concentration of free (Unbound) levobupivacaine is lower than that of bupivacaine racemate, because of greater protein binding of the levorotatory enantiomer.
The affinity ([IC.sub.50] = 50 nM) of the racemate of BV to VAChT is similar to that ([IC.sub.50] = 40 nM) of the racemate of vesamicol in the in vitro binding assay [36].
It should also be noted that a mismatch in the chemical shifts of the signals for each enantiomer with respect to racemate is explained by different amounts of the sample compounds loaded into a vial and the shift reagent.
In SESA trial, edema was resolved in 98.72% patients after switching from racemate amlodipine to S-AM [21].
The single crystal XRD also confirms the structure of iodo product 13 and indicates the product to be a racemate of RandS isomers (figure 3).
1) from Cecropia moth and its structure was established by Trost by the synthesis of its racemate. (5) Later studies revealed JHs to be a group of epoxy esters generated by homologation and epoxidation of methyl farnesoate.
Similar results are obtained but show different pharmacokinetic characteristics of dextroisomer and racemate in dihydromyricetin: [C.sub.max] (81.3 and 107 ng/mL), AU[C.sub.0-[infinity]] (42.8 and 32.0 mg x min/L), and [t.sub.1/2] (288 and 367 min), respectively [5].
To develop a single stereoisomer from a mixture that has already been studied non-clinically, an abbreviated, appropriate pharmacology/toxicology evaluation could be conducted to allow the existing knowledge of the racemate available to the sponsor to be applied to the pure stereoisomer....