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a racemic compound


(reɪˈsi meɪt, rə-)

a racemic compound.
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Identification of 1,2,2,5-tetramethyltetralin and 1,2,2,5,6-pentamethyltetralin as racemates in petroleum.
They also discuss the methodologies for determination of the stereoisometric composition of chiral compounds and chiral separation, such as gas and liquid chromatography on chiral stationary phases, capillary electrophoresis, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; methodologies for the determination of absolute configuration, such as X-ray analysis, nuclear magnetic resonance, and chiroptical methods; and methodologies for the resolution of racemates, such as crystallization, preparative chromatography, and kinetic resolution.
Farther down the post-race concourse, where runners guzzled water and other restorative beverages, Tim Duringer of Brownsville chatted with friends while his racemates - 3-year-old Jackson and Madeline, 15 months - reclined in the double-wide running stroller their dad had propelled the entire distance of the 10k.
Obviousness of Enantiomers over Prior Art Racemates (126)
Each of these ready-to-use disposable kits contains a combination of eight resolving agents and twelve solvents amenable to screening a wide variety of racemates, including acids, bases, alcohols, amino acids, aldehydes, and ketones.
In the current study, his lab found (using an HPLC column containing a specific molecule that can "discriminate" between the L- and D-forms) that all of the ingredients ostensibly labeled as the L- isomer were indeed racemates, comprised of nearly 50-50 mixtures of L- and D-theanine enantiomers.
This is particularly important in view of the fact that many drugs are chiral and are synthesized as racemates, while only one of the enantiomers is of pharmaceutical interest.
On the synthesis of polymers containing chiral cavities and their use for the resolution of racemates.
Unfortunately, ordinary chemical reactions yield products that are 50:50 mixtures of enantiomers -- called racemates -- that are difficult to separate.