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 (rā-sē′mĭk, -sĕm′ĭk, rə-)
Of or relating to a chemical mixture that contains equal quantities of dextrorotatory and levorotatory forms of a compound and therefore does not rotate the plane of incident polarized light.


(rəˈsiːmɪk; -ˈsɛm-) or


(Chemistry) chem of, concerned with, or being a mixture of equal amounts of enantiomers and consequently having no optical activity
[C19: from raceme (as in racemic acid) + -ic]
racemism n


(reɪˈsi mɪk, -ˈsɛm ɪk, rə-)

noting or pertaining to any of various organic compounds that are optically inactive but separable into dextrorotatory and levorotatory forms.
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The results demonstrated that both ( R )-albuterol systemic exposure and consequent beta-mediated adverse events were less following cumulative dosing with XOPENEX HFA when compared to cumulative dosing with racemic albuterol HFA MDI.
DIO-902 is one of two enantiomers contained within racemic ketoconazole, a marketed drug.
Among the highlights are novel chapters on racemic separation by capillary electrophoresis and on-line analysis of chiral compounds using mass spectrometry or biosensors.
Levalbuterol was more effective than racemic albuterol for patients with either airway disease, but levalbuterol was particularly effective in asthma.
He was administered racemic epinephrine, intravenous steroids, and heliox and fitted with bilateral nasal trumpets.
Citalopram, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), is actually a racemic mixture of two enantiomers--molecules that have the same atomic framework but different spatial arrangements that change their interaction with receptors.
We studied two poorly characterized compounds present in the environment, tris-4-(chlorophenyl)methane (Tris-H) and tris4-(chlorophenyl)methanol (Tris-OH), and compared their activities to the organochlorinated pesticide o,p'-DDT (the racemic mixture and both enantiomers) and a mixture of nonylphenols (NPm; released from polystyrene), which have already been identified to have estrogenic activity.
Levomilnacipran (1S, 2R-milnacipran), an enantiomer of racemic milnacipran, is protected by a method of use patent that extends through June 2023, without patent term extension.
The initial four cohorts of the Phase 1 study successfully demonstrated a lack of dose limiting side effects with d-Methadone -- even when administered at doses several fold higher than conventionally used with racemic methadone in opioid naE[macron]ve subjects -- which reinforces the radically different pharmacological profile of the compound," stated Sergio Traversa, chief executive officer of Relmada Therapeutics.
Researchers from the Iowa State University study compared the pharmacokinetics of L-theanine, D-theanine and an ingredient commercially marketed as L-theanine that actually was a racemic mixture of theanine, a 50:50 D- and L-theanine mixture, also known as racemate.
All other currently available albuterol bronchodilators are 50/50 racemic mixtures, containing both R- and S-isomers.