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The sport of walking for speed, the rules of which require the racer to maintain continual foot contact with the ground and to keep the supporting leg straight at the knee from first contact with the ground until that leg is directly below the upper body.

race′walk′ v.
race′walk′er n.


vb (intr)
to race by walking fast rather than running
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17 seconds); Daniel Seguin of Sheldon (15-16 boys triple jump, 43 feet, 3 inches); Avneet Khatra of Emerald Valley Track Club (11-12 girls javelin, 89-8); and Calley Star of JC Spirit (9-10 girls 1,500 racewalk, 10:30.
I racewalk, bike and rollerblade currently, having been told never to run again.
Leveraging the successful entertainment marketing strategy and the title sponsorship of the popular Chinese entertainment TV program, "Day Day Up", on Hunan Satellite TV, the Group has entered into endorsement deals with the "Day Day Brothers", the five protagonists in "Day Day Up" and Chen Ding, the first Chinese and youngest-ever gold medallist in the Olympic 20km racewalk during the Period, in order to boost the PRC market share.
Try interval walking--that is, racewalk for a few minutes, then do normal brisk walking.
2, and her JC Spirit teammate Calley Starr won the 9-10 1,500 racewalk in 10:41.
Nikki Huckerby won the Women's Under-23 Racewalk title for Birchfield at Bedford in 25min 30secs - finishing nearly a minute ahead of her nearest challenger.
It's fun to racewalk alone or with a friend, competitively or just for company.
Teams of eight will follow five different courses to jog, bicycle, kayak, roller skate, and either canoe, raft, or racewalk.
Erin Gray: South Eugene grad and Bowerman Track Club member in the 20K racewalk.
99 seconds, and Anezka Drahotova of the Czech Republic won the women's 10,000 racewalk in 42:47.