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The sport of walking for speed, the rules of which require the racer to maintain continual foot contact with the ground and to keep the supporting leg straight at the knee from first contact with the ground until that leg is directly below the upper body.

race′walk′ v.
race′walk′er n.
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a person who participates in racewalking
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Another person who owns one of these coins is Professor Shaul Ladany, a Holocaust survivor, racewalker and two-time Olympian who survived the Munich massacre.
When his 12-year-old daughter, Ella, questioned whether it would really be a good idea for him to go to Rio because of the Zika virus, John Nunn, a racewalker from the U.S., sat down with her, and they researched the matter together.
By Andrew Amsan in New Delhi RACEwalker Sapna Punia took up athletics as a means to get a promotion from her rank of constable to an officer- level designation.
Starting from the idea of italian trainer Perez (1994), that the correct execution of the racewalking step is very important, as it ensures not only the athlete's presence in the race but it also helps saving energy and getting important performances, we thought it necessary to create the biomechanical model of the racewalker. It must be mentioned that this is a theoretical model and the data can afterwards be used on the simulator.
BACK with a bang - that's top Teesside racewalker Johanna Jackson.
On this summer morning, Gray, a 26-year-old racewalker from Eugene, is being asked to walk 8,000 meters at a fixed pace, take a break, and then walk another 8K, incrementally increasing her pace after each 2K interval.
His turning point came with a kidney transplant in 2009 - though he then ignored medical advice and got back to training as a racewalker, his defiant, competitive streak seeing him go on to set a world record.
Last night there was more Irish Olympic heartache after another medal hope, racewalker Rob Heffernan, finished a disappointing ninth in the men's 20km event.
As a racewalker my feet take a light but steady pounding--especially during events over 5K.
A former masters swimmer, Boies still competes in triathlons, and also as a racewalker. "I haven't taken up cross country skiing again, which I'd love to do, but you can't do everything." Maybe so, but if Larry Boies, Jr., is any indication, you can certainly try.
If there's an experienced racewalker around who can give you pointers, so much the better.
Gurmeet Singh, a 20km racewalker, will also be joining these athletes at the session.