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The sport of walking for speed, the rules of which require the racer to maintain continual foot contact with the ground and to keep the supporting leg straight at the knee from first contact with the ground until that leg is directly below the upper body.

race′walk′ v.
race′walk′er n.


the activity of racing by walking fast rather than running
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Patel finished over two minutes ahead of Bandana Patel who clocked 51: 23:52 seconds to take second place in the first racewalking event of the year.
Johanna Jackson, a 20km Commonwealth Games racewalking gold medallist at Delhi 2010, won the Gazette's top prize in 2011 while surprise Olympic rowing gold winner Kat Copeland was the 2012 Sportsperson of the Year.
Keep in mind that racewalking and biking are also notorious for producing patellofemoral pain.
Among the key decisions that were arrived at during the meeting are: confirming the Indian city of Ranchi as host of the next Asian Championships; naming Bangkok as host of the 2017 Asian Youth Championships from May 16-19; reconfirming Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as host of the 2016 Asian Junior Championships from June 3-6; giving the hosting rights of the 2016 Asian 20km Racewalking Championships on March 20 to Nomi-shi, Japan (a qualifying event for the Rio Olympic Games); and awarding the 2017 Asian Marathon Championship, to be held in April, to the city of Shanghai.
Starting from the idea of italian trainer Perez (1994), that the correct execution of the racewalking step is very important, as it ensures not only the athlete's presence in the race but it also helps saving energy and getting important performances, we thought it necessary to create the biomechanical model of the racewalker.
Canada's IOC member Dick Pound identified triple jump, synchronised swimming and racewalking as events he believes should be dropped from the Games.
Three of the seven pieces are related to baseball, the others coming from boxing, racewalking, basketball, and soccer, all also "Mexican sports.
When the games are held in the same year as Summer Olympics, no marathon and racewalking events are contested.
This is only Gray's third season of competitive racewalking.
In the 10-km racewalking competition, athlete Oroba al-Amo won the gold medal, whereas Rania Osman won the silver medal.
Vigorous intensity exercise can be defined as racewalking, jogging/running, swimming laps, playing singles tennis, bicycling 10 miles per hour or faster, jumping rope, or hiking uphill.