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n. pl. ra·chil·lae (-kĭl′ē)
The axis of a spikelet of a grass or sedge.

[New Latin, diminutive of rachis.]


(rəˈkɪlə) or


(Botany) (in grasses) the short stem of a spikelet that bears the florets
[C19: from New Latin, diminutive of rachis]
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Among the mechanical properties relevant to the study of the dynamic behavior of the macaw palm fruit-rachilla system, the modulus of elasticity of the rachilla is of utmost importance, as a material, which undergoes elastic deformation when subjected to tension.
Within this pattern, the Cypereae spikelets show variations in (Tables 1 and 2): (A) number and phyllotaxis of the glumes; (B) presence of empty glumes (lack of development of flowers in lower or upper glumes); (C) glume morphology; (D) rachilla internode length; (E) prophyll development; (F) flower structure; (G) structure of the dispersal unit.
The male flowers occur at the apex and open first, while the female flowers are located at the base of the rachilla and expose their stigmas after senescence of the male flowers.
The principal mode of fungal spread in wheat from floret to floret inside a spikelet and from spikelet to spikelet is through the vascular bundles in the rachis and rachilla (Ribichich et al.
Induction and growth of callus derived from rachilla explants of young inflorescences of coconut palm.
The objectives of this present study were to establish the characteristics of the vascular system in the different parts of rachilla through which food was supplied to individual differentially growing grains of spikelet and correlate the same with their innate natures.
Female inflorescence 90-120 cm long, main stalk flat, 45-75 cm long, glabrous rachilla 30 cm or so long, spikelets numerous.
5 cm Number of veins in 2 4-7 apical pinnae Peduncle length 80 cm 45-50 cm Peduncle diameter 5 mm 8-15 mm Rachis length 28-38 cm 44-50 Indument of rachillae Densely spinulose With white scales, without spinules Insertion of staminate Shallow Rachillae flowers depressions on projected into the rachilla, a hook-shaped rachillae structure to 1 slightly arched mm, where the at each flower, staminate 2 small flowers are bracteoles inserted Staminate flowers length 4-7 mm 4-5.
2 mm wide, ovoid to subflabelloid, acute to subtruncate, 2-9flowered; rachilla greenish.
Bill Rachilla is the business solutions manager for CSC's self-insured market solutions.
Spikelet morphology is characteristic of the Poaceae family, but the sterile lemmas were nearly as long as the fertile lemmas, and they have an unique crown-like structure of lignified spines between the rachilla and the fertile lemmas.
It is a mid-season, white pearl, six-rowed spring barley with smooth awns, short rachilla hairs and more lateral vein barbs than Morex.