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[New Latin rachītis, inflammation of the spine (adopted because of its similarity in sound to rickets), from Late Greek rhakhītis : Greek rhakhis, spine + Greek -ītis, -itis.]

ra·chit′ic (-kĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.rachitic - affected with, suffering from, or characteristic of rickets; "rickety limbs and joints"; "a rachitic patient"
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"
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[ræˈkɪtɪk] ADJraquítico
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adj (Med) → rachitisch
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a. raquítico-a. rel. al raquitismo; débil, endeble.
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Generation of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in cyp27b1knockout mice by treatment with 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 rescued their rachitic phenotypes.
Infantile HPP appears during the first 6 months of life with failure to thrive, respiratory complications owing to rachitic ribs, craniosynostosis resulting in increased intracranial pressure, hypercalcemia, and seizures.
In total, 12 features are assessed: mandibular ramus medial angulation; bending (bowing) of arm long bones; bending (bowing) of leg long bones; flaring, swelling, and/or cupping of metaphyses; fraying and/or irregularity of metaphyseal bone margins; coxa vara (angulation of femoral neck of <120[degrees]); cortical thickening on the concave aspect of bowed long bones; flaring, swelling, and/or cupping of sternal rib ends (rachitic rosary); porous and/or irregular sternal rib end bone margins; alteration of rib neck angle or lateral straightening of rib body (thorax narrowing); anterior protrusion of sternal body (pigeon-chested); and ilium concavity (exaggerated medio-lateral curvature) (Table 1).
Thomas, "Rachitic respiratory distress in small preterm infants," Archives of Disease in Childhood, vol.
Repeat hip radiographs were obtained at that time, which revealed interval worsening of rachitic changes in the ileum and proximal femoral metaphyses compared to previous imaging.
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Williams et al., (2000 and 2004) postulated that rapid bone modelling and remodeling in modern birds with inadequate supply of mineral (primarily Ca and phosphorus) Ca and P deprivation leads to increased risk of fractures, poor meat and rachitic bones, osteoporosis and osteomalacia (William et al., 2004).
I forgot, disgracefully, the rachitic and the dejugulated.
In this study, all rachitic infants were breast-fed, whereas in non-rachitic group only 17.3% were breast-fed, 41.2% bottle-fed and 38.6% breast/bottle-fed.
The truth of such statements make the stronger the contention that it is a public offense to withhold such processes from any of the principal foods of the rachitic poor, or, indeed, from those of any such sufferers.
His skeleton lies over the skeleton of his daughter-in-law, Katharina Steinhart, who at night, after the bells tolled, when all was quiet in the village, no calf lowed from hunger, no dog howled, and no rooster lifted its head with its comb raised and its neck stiff to let out two or three cries, when the peacocks had nestled into their hollow under the gangway or curled up by the warm chimney on the ridge of the rachitic farmer Hafner's roof, used to take her old Zeiss binoculars in hand--an inheritance from her father, who one day, surrounded by hunting trophies, lay on his deathbed with a curled moustache--and stare fixedly at the candlelight that flickered over the hillock beneath which her seventeen-year-old son Jonathan crumbled to dust.