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, rhachitis, rachitis
n. raquitismo, enfermedad por deficiencia que afecta el desarrollo óseo en los adolescentes, causada por falta de calcio, fósforo y vitamina D.
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Vitamin D levels and their meanings for human health Vitamin D state Ng/mL Nmol/L Deficiency <20 <50 Insufficiency 21-29 52.5-72.5 Sufficiency [greater than or equal to]30 >75 Extra-calcemic effect [greater than or equal to]30 (?) >75 (?) Toxicity >100 >250 Vitamin D state Its importance for health Deficiency Associated with rachitism in infants and children and osteomalacia in adults Insufficiency Generally accepted to be insufficient for bones and general health condition in healthy individuals Sufficiency Generally accepted to be sufficient for bones and general health condition in healthy individuals Extra-calcemic effect Immunomodulation Toxicity Potential emergent side effects at high levels Conversion of units: 1 Ng /mL=2,496 Nmol /L Table 2.
The medical device is designed to treat bone fractures and deformities as well as bone defects, dwarfism, polio, rachitism and Blount's disease.