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a. An emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or interpreting events.
b. Policy or practice based on racial considerations.
2. Chiefly British Variant of racism.

ra′cial·ist adj. & n.
ra′cial·is′tic adj.


(ˈreɪ sɪz əm)

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usu. involving the idea that one's own race is superior.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based on such a doctrine.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.
[1865–70; < French racisme. See race2, -ism]
rac′ist, n., adj.


the belief in or practice of the doctrine of racism. — racialist, n.racialistic, adj.
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Noun1.racialism - discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race
discrimination, favoritism, favouritism - unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice
racial profiling - a form of racism consisting of the (alleged) policy of policemen who stop and search vehicles driven by persons belonging to particular racial groups
العِرْقِيَّهتَعَصُّب عِرْقي
faji elõítéletfajvédelemrasszizmus
ırkçılıkırksal ön yargı


[ˈreɪʃəlɪzəm] N (esp Brit) → racismo m


[ˈreɪʃəlɪzəm] nracisme m


n (esp Brit) → Rassismus m


[ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzm] n (Brit) (old) → razzismo


(reis) noun
1. any one section of mankind, having a particular set of characteristics which make it different from other sections. the Negro race; the white races; (also adjective) race relations.
2. the fact of belonging to any of these various sections. the problem of race.
3. a group of people who share the same culture, language etc; the Anglo-Saxon race.
racial (ˈreiʃəl) adjective
of, or having to do with, race or a particular race. racial characteristics; racial discrimination/hatred.
ˈracialism (ˈreiʃə-) , ˈracism noun
1. the belief that some races of men are better than others.
2. prejudice against someone on the grounds of his race.
ˈracialist (ˈreiʃə-) , ˈracist noun, adjective
racist attitudes.
the human race
of mixed race
having ancestors (especially parents) from two or more different human races.
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At a time when many previously stable democracies, on every continent, have developed deeply divided and tribalised or racialised politics, Kenya's handshake was a rare push in the direction of building bipartisanship.
Or they face the unappealing prospects of unskilled minimum wage jobs on increasingly industrialised (and often racialised) commercial farming operations.
Post-apartheid South Africa was marked by two glaring birthmarks: racialised inequality in urban areas and tribalised despotism in Bantustans.
Some have decided to play semantic games and suggest that because Islam is not a race, Islamophobia cannot be a type of racism, ignoring the fact that while Muslims are indeed from many ethnicities and backgrounds, in the UK we are a racialised group.
'For instance, TH has been racialised not against those who cheated TH, but by blaming DAP, even though DAP helped to source RM17.8 billion in rescue funds for TH.
The impact that racialised women encounter in the context of violence has largely become a spectacle in the context of an ethnic majority that acts like the risks equals their own.
As such it will encourage a consideration of how racialised and hierarchical ideas about Australia's Aboriginal peoples shaped British notions of empire, governance and civilization that continue to resonate for Indigenous people today.
Balcerzak noted that 'States' politics and legislation seldom reflect the urgency of this obligation' and that 'instead, States and leaders have deployed political rhetoric that demonises racialised groups and emboldens supremacist ideologues.'
A nd the only true development is in the shipping and energy sectors, where once again the government has put all its eggs in one basket, focusing solely on natural gas exploration and the East Med pipeline, that seems to be moving farther away from being racialised.
We all have identities, after all, and in racialised societies like this one it's ethnic minorities who are guilty of playing "identity politics" for having the audacity to own, articulate or organise around that experience.
(5) It is timely, then, to bring together here five articles that further illuminate the racialised dimensions of colony and nation in the region.
However, in Xinjiang it has become defined by a racialised conception of "threat" in which the Uyghur population is conceived of as a "virtual biological threat to the body of society."