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adj. rac·i·er, rac·i·est
1. Having a distinctive and characteristic quality or taste.
2. Strong and sharp in flavor or odor; piquant or pungent.
3. Risqué; ribald.
4. Vigorous; lively.

[From race.]

rac′i·ly adv.
rac′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.racily - in a racy manner; "racily vernacular language"
بِطَعْمٍ ذَكي
s vervou
canlı bir şekilde


adv writeschwungvoll, feurig


(ˈreisi) adjective
lively. a racy style of writing.
ˈracily adverb
ˈraciness noun
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The sun shone clearly and pleasantly; the wind was fresh and brisk upon their faces, and smelt racily of woods and meadows.
Scott Buchanan, a director at Flear & Thomson, is one of the lucky few who has already had a chance to inspect the racily named Stinger.
There's even humour, with the final song racily depicting a football match between angels and devils.
And then last night, he was in Liverpool for the world premiere of his Concerto for Orchestra, commissioned by the Phil to mark its 175th anniversary, and titled, a little racily (more of that anon) Intimate Curve.
Segel and Diaz make a great couple and the film gets better and more racily funny as it goes on.
A decade later the book was still selling and its author (now a famous journalist) was honored by Vanity Fair for "contributing more to the popular understanding of Nietzsche than any other American." (1) Even a few scholars deigned to acknowledge Mencken's "racily written book" and to praise it as "one of the most valuable Nietzschean commentaries in English.
A key aim is to get businesses to buy into the racily titled process of digital enablement, where digital technologies are used to improve businesses across all sectors.
Professor Seth Jacobs writes readably, sometimes even racily, as we already know from his two books on Ngo Dinh Diem, America's Miracle Man (Duke University Press, 2004) and Cold War Mandarin (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006).
Tomes on India's nuclear establishment are seldom racily written or free from rhetoric.