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also rack·ets  (răk′ĭts)
pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)
A game played on a large, netless, four-walled court by two or four players with long-handled rackets and a small, hard, fast-moving ball.
References in classic literature ?
Some were dressed in white flannels and were carrying racquets under their arms, some were short, some tall, some were only children, and some perhaps were servants, but they all had their standing, their reason for following each other through the hall, their money, their position, whatever it might be.
Sunburnt and vigorous they sat side by side, with their racquets across their knees, not saying much but smiling slightly all the time.
They were planning to lay out a lawn tennis court on the sands; but no one but Kate and May had racquets, and most of the people had not even heard of the game.
The Gardens are noted for two kinds of cricket: boy cricket, which is real cricket with a bat, and girl cricket, which is with a racquet and the governess.
Seizing a racquet and keeping my eyes open, I quickly saw a rainbow flash appearing and disappearing and darting over the ground.
I suggested a quick game of tennis before supper and, Cynthia agreeing, I ran upstairs to fetch my racquet.
Participants used their own racquets, to ensure familiarity and consistency, and different racquets may have influenced swing speed, ball spin, racquet trajectory, and accuracy differently (Allen et al.
Just the other month on grass in Germany, during a 56-minute hammering from Florian Mayer, he attacked the turf and the net with another of his racquets so aggressively he was penalised with the loss of an entire game in a 6-0 6-4 thrashing.
I'm just off to the shed at the bottom of the garden to dig out my boys' old tennis racquets.
With the passage of time composite racquets were introduced in late seventies and changed everything and composite racquets become available at all but the lowest price and wood made racquets virtually disappeared.
Fresh, pastel portraits of Nick and Molly flying on their tennis racquets to the four tournament locations decorate every action-filled page, as the twins dream of wearing red berets in Paris, France, feeling the squishy blue court at Melbourne Park in the Australian Open, and playing and walking on grass in the courts of Wimbledon in England, after being introduced to the great championship game at the Billie Jean King USTA National Tennis Center, U.