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The oscilloscope viewing screen of a radar receiver.
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(Electronics) a cathode-ray oscilloscope on which radar signals can be viewed. In a plan position indicator, the target is represented by a blip on a radial line that rotates round a point, representing the antenna
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(ˈreɪ dɑrˌskoʊp)

the viewing screen for radar.
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Spectrum width (bottom-left) is not a product we usually see, but some pilots might be familiar with it from specialized apps such as RadarScope or desktop programs like GRLevelX.
Survey participants were asked a similar question regarding the most important technology improvement during the history of the program: 47.3% chose the development of RadarFirst, 27.4% chose the provision of weather-related mobile apps (e.g., the Mesonet and RadarScope apps), 14.4% chose development of the new mobile-capable Weather Briefing page, 6.8% chose the switch from shared agency account logins to individual logins, and the remaining 4.1% chose other (commonly "all of the above").
While certainly not ignoring the major economic and political players, China seems to be trying to establish various kinds of relationships with a variety of smaller countries that are not much on the radarscope of U.S.
The radar was viewable through an iPhone app called Radarscope, which ingests level III NEXRAD data, maps each variable, and displays it on the phone screen.
storm chasers used an app called RadarScope to spell out the initials of Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young as a tribute to the men, who died in a May 31 twister.
Like the controllers themselves, we'll probably have to have a little patience as things get rolling, and give them time to understand life from our side of the radarscope. In the meantime, watch your back.
Domestic unrest among alienated Shia mullahs and unemployed youth was not even a minor blip on our diplomatic radarscope. No one was paying much attention to the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini's propaganda war against the Shah and his distribution throughout Iran of tens of thousands of cassette tapes with his sermons and attacks on the Shah.
In a radar attack, the pilot maintained the interceptor on the course of the target by keeping a dot within the steering circle in the center of the radarscope. At the appropriate range he uncaged the computer gyro and thus displayed the steering dot by the computed lead angle.
CAVERLY WAS STANDING LOOKING at a radarscope when it happened.
Unless, of course, it was all along on the radarscope of an unseen intelligence guiding the evolution to its target, as most Catholics believe.
Typically, distal causes are not within the radarscope of their research paradigm (see Dai, 2002, for a discussion of proximal vs.
Like special operations, CSAR can operate at night, under the radarscope, and, to a large extent, in adverse weather.