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n.1.A raid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And it was the nixt mornin', sure, jist as I was making up me mind whither it wouldn't be the purlite thing to sind a bit o' writin' to the widdy by way of a love-litter, when up com'd the delivery servant wid an illigant card, and he tould me that the name on it (for I niver could rade the copperplate printin on account of being lift handed) was all about Mounseer, the Count, A Goose, Look -- aisy, Maiter-di-dauns, and that the houl of the divilish lingo was the spalpeeny long name of the little ould furrener Frinchman as lived over the way.
I was still watching my poor lost com rade, when that happened to him against which even I was not proof.
"I hate everyone," she cried suddenly, and then broke forth into a ti- rade that frightened her escort.
He felt alone in space when his injured com- rade had disappeared.
Dusanka Divjak Tomic, who has served as ambassador to Macedonia, is going to resign and be superseded by Rade Bulatovic, a former chief of the Serbian secret police.
Rade IL captain Tom Erik Heia, 37, said: "It was quite an experience and very special.
It is these advantages that we wish to use and we believe Rade Koncar can produce parts for this automobile industry giant," says Ace Antevski, director of Rade Koncar.
With this machine, the investments that are invested in "Rade Koncar-TEP" total 4 million euro in the last four years.
However, Rade didn't return calls and Jolie's representatives were also unavailable for comment.
He did not start a game after his arrival and Keane said today: "One or two clubs are talking to Rade.
Rade will handle all categories of electrical and electronic waste but will focus primarily on the disassembly of electronic products, including those containing cathode ray tubes (CRTs) such as televisions and PC monitors.