radial artery

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Noun1.radial artery - branch of the brachial artery beginning below the elbow and extending down the forearm around the wrist and into the palmradial artery - branch of the brachial artery beginning below the elbow and extending down the forearm around the wrist and into the palm
arteria, arterial blood vessel, artery - a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
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015) and for reasons related to the radial artery in nine patients (four in right radial approach and 5 in left radial approach group, p=0.
A 2x2 cm saccular aneurysm was excised at the distal part of the radial artery (Figure 1).
Conclusion: Ultrasound guided radial artery cannulation is associated with higher rate of successful insertion and less time is required for arterial line insertion as compared to blind palpation method.
sup][1] About one-third of the SPA is formed by ulnar artery alone; the second-third by the superficial palmar branch of radial artery and the remaining third by arteria radialis indicis, a branch of either arteria princeps pollicis or the median artery.
Totally 971 patients were included in the present study of AAVF performed in the distal radial artery with cephalic vein and brachial artery and cephalic vein.
There are no reported cases of ulnar or radial artery stenosis resulting in limb ischaemia following acute carbon monoxide poisoning.
Already in 1816, Meckel mentioned two cases of a peculiar variation of the superficial brachioradial artery which bifurcated within the cubital fossa into a thicker lateral branch, obviously a radial artery, and a thinner medial branch, running subcutaneously and terminating in the superficial palmar arch.
Traditionally and most commonly radial artery catheterization is used to invasively monitor the blood pressure in the pre and post bypass period.
Radial artery was thick on palpation in 6 patients and intraoperative morphometric assessments revealed a mean arterial wall thickness of 0.
Caption: Figure 1: Radial artery marked by vertical arrow and FCR not visible as expected ulnar to the radial artery.
Through the same right radial artery access, we could easily select the right IMA using a 4 Fr catheter (IMA catheter, Terumo Clinical Supply, Gifu, Japan).
We observed a variant course for the ulnar artery, and a variant course and unusual branching pattern for the radial artery (Figure 1A).