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Noun1.radial nerve - largest branch of the brachial plexusradial nerve - largest branch of the brachial plexus; extends down the humerus to the lateral epicondyle where it divides into one branch that goes to the skin on the back of the hand and another that goes to the underlying extensor muscles
nerve, nervus - any bundle of nerve fibers running to various organs and tissues of the body
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It was confirmed he had radial nerve paralysis in his front leg.
Team president Theo Epstein said Wednesday that Morrow has suffered another setback in his comeback from an elbow ailment and that the next step likely is "a radial nerve release and decompression surgically."
These include carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve palsy, peroneal nerve palsy, and radial nerve palsy.
The branches for the ECRLm originated from the radial nerve, observing a primary branch in 20 limbs (80 %), and in the remaining 10 (20 %) two primary branches were observed, averaging 1.3 branches (SD 0.5 ).
Keywords: Axonotmesis, Electrodiagnosis, Electromyography, Neurotmesis, Radial nerve lesions.
She was diagnosed with an impingement of her radial nerve and underwent surgery to release the nerve.
However, Schmidt recently reported one rare case of radial nerve compression by a giant lipoma that caused an irreparable radial nerve palsy (26).
After analysis of data from three major clinical centres comprising of 72 cases Siqueira et al described 12 cases had origin from ulnar nerve, 12 cases from median nerve and 3 cases from radial nerve. Date et al observed tumours of the upper extremity in descending order of frequency in ulnar, median and radial nerves in the clinical material consisted of 36 cases of schwannomas.
Together with a hairless and thinner flap, for reconstruction of the tendon, tendon of the palmaris longus, for arterial reconstruction a pedicled and a flow-through flap containing the superficial palmar artery and for reconstruction of the nerve, one may use a pedicle which includes palmar cutaneous branches of the median nerve, superficial radial nerve, and lateral antebrachial nerve.
Tenosynovitis was detected in two patients; as tendon rupture, carpal tunnel syndrome, sudeck atrophy, and radial nerve paresthesia was detected in one patient each.
Radiological examinations revealed that he had suffered right traumatic pneumothorax, right humeral shaft fracture, right olecranon fracture, right scapular fracture, and right radial nerve palsy (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).