radial saw

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ra′dial saw′

a cantilevered circular saw adjustable at various angles to the length of the work and to the perpendicular.
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The January 2004 workplace accident occurred when a customers shopping cart bumped into Reynaldo Dominguez while he was using a radial-arm saw at the Ellisville Home Depot in west St.
Along with the usual assortment of saws, drills, hammers, pry bars, etc., my primary tool is a radial-arm saw. I built a ten-foot-long table out of 2x4s and plywood.
An outer tangential surface was removed using a radial-arm saw to permit boron flow only in the radial direction.
In this disk he made crisscross cuts with a radial-arm saw and bored a 1 1/4-inch central hole to provide further ventilation paths before reattaching the primary.
I like it because it combines the speed, accuracy, and adjustability of a radial-arm saw with the portability of a manual miter box; it's useful for everything from rough framing to building decks to precise interior finish work.
For cutting the notched detail of the legs, a router, or a table saw or radial-arm saw with dado blades would be helpful.