radiation field

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Noun1.radiation field - a field that represents the energy lost from the radiator to space
field of force, force field, field - the space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it
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Flat plate reactors are scalable, and these can be used with solar radiation, so they are very attractive and also provide an excellent configuration for efficient excitation of the semiconductor photocatalyst Ti[O.sub.2] [26]; their modeling requires a complex analysis of the radiation field inside the photoreactor [27].
In other words, the field components have all the characteristics of a radiation field moving in free space.
It also ties these variations to changes in local conditions, such as those due to the physical shape and history of the region, radiation field, etc.
But gas-guzzling black holes can produce an intense radiation field that heats dust, so the hot DOGs' central black holes are likely to blame.
The second term, which depends on the acceleration of the charge, is the radiation field and the first term is called the velocity field.
Many of these radiation sources are arranged in a frame in such a way that the radiation field is as uniform as possible.
The thyroid gland is commonly included in the radiation field during treatment of nonthyroidal neoplastic disease of the head and neck.
Second cancers often appear in the radiation field, that part of the body getting irradiated.
The 3-D intensity-modulated radio-therapy substitutes a sophisticated computer-generated variable-intensity radiation pattern for the usual 2-D uniform-intensity radiation field. Economic modeling studies done at the University of Michigan indicate that it is much costlier than alternative methods of partial-breast irradiation.
Two high precision reflector mirrors convert the electromagnetic radiation field of a satellite antenna so that it conforms to the radiation of an antenna from the geostationary orbit.
All that has happened is that energy initially trapped in the walls of the second cavity has been released into the radiation field. Both cavities still possess the same energy as they did initially.

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