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Using metamaterial the radiation hazards for mobile phone can be reduced when a human head is near around.
For radiation hazard to be negligible the Hex must be less than unity i.
The obtained values of gamma dose rate, radium equivalent activity, radiation hazard index and annual effective dose equivalent were found below the recommended safety limits.
There was also a need to look at ways of minimising the radiation hazard from the more traditional weld radiograph techniques that have been used to date.
Mandated collocation of radiofrequency radiation transmitting antennas that results in increased radiation emissions, more radiofrequency radiation hazard zones at a site and greater complexities in coordinating power-down among multiple service providers
As well as the school, there were 18 letters of objection from residents on the grounds of radiation hazard, clutter, over dominance, highway safety and visual impact.
But the papers, sent to Neath Port Talbot council during the planning process, warn that any pipeline puncture may "give rise to a thermal radiation hazard to individuals in the vicinity of the pipeline if the gas subsequently ignites.
A-bomb survivors: factors that may lead to a re-assessment of the radiation hazard.
They fear dust from the shells may pose a radiation hazard or cause heavy metal poisoning.
More than 100 devices containing a uranium-based chemical were discovered in Kings Heath, Birmingham - each bearing the international radiation hazard symbol.