radiator hose

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Noun1.radiator hose - a flexible hose between the radiator and the engine block
cooling system, engine cooling system - equipment in a motor vehicle that cools the engine
hosepipe, hose - a flexible pipe for conveying a liquid or gas
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When I picked it up they said they had replaced brake discs and a radiator hose then gave me a big bill.
Applications include coolant hose, radiator hose, multi-layer THV/elastomer non-permeation fuel hose, A/C hose, turbo charger hose and brake hose.
New Delhi: India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd (IYM) Tuesday announced recall of 1,874 units of its YZF-R3 motorcycle model to rectify defects related to radiator hose and spring torsion.
A WOMAN survived for a week after plunging off a cliff in her car by using her radiator hose to get drinking water.
Place a large cloth by wrapping it up around the upper radiator hose. Then try to squeeze the cloth.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles to fix a potentially faulty radiator hose.
On one occasion, he fixed a leaking radiator hose on a coworker's truck out on a jobsite by cutting a spare hose and utilizing wire ties to clamp off the repair enough for the truck to make it back to the plant.
Loosen the lower radiator hose clamp with pliers (spring-type clamp) or screwdriver (worm-drive clamp) and remove the hose (Photo 1).
I'm not asking for an engine rebuild, just a burst radiator hose to be replaced, which is a five-minute job for most of us.
"In race one we were able to do something from pole but unfortunately we had a small issue with the clip for the radiator hose.
"See this ribbed radiator hose?" he says, his head under a hood.