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tr.v. rad·i·cal·ized, rad·i·cal·iz·ing, rad·i·cal·iz·es
To make radical or more radical: "Many, probably most, of those have been radicalized by their experiences among the poor" (Conor Cruise O'Brien).

rad′i·cal·i·za′tion (-kə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˈrædɪkəˌlaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) to make (a person) more radical
ˌradicaliˈzation, ˌradicaliˈsation n
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(ˈræd ɪ kəˌlaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to make radical or more radical, esp. in politics.
rad`i•cal•i•za′tion, n.
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Past participle: radicalized
Gerund: radicalizing

I radicalize
you radicalize
he/she/it radicalizes
we radicalize
you radicalize
they radicalize
I radicalized
you radicalized
he/she/it radicalized
we radicalized
you radicalized
they radicalized
Present Continuous
I am radicalizing
you are radicalizing
he/she/it is radicalizing
we are radicalizing
you are radicalizing
they are radicalizing
Present Perfect
I have radicalized
you have radicalized
he/she/it has radicalized
we have radicalized
you have radicalized
they have radicalized
Past Continuous
I was radicalizing
you were radicalizing
he/she/it was radicalizing
we were radicalizing
you were radicalizing
they were radicalizing
Past Perfect
I had radicalized
you had radicalized
he/she/it had radicalized
we had radicalized
you had radicalized
they had radicalized
I will radicalize
you will radicalize
he/she/it will radicalize
we will radicalize
you will radicalize
they will radicalize
Future Perfect
I will have radicalized
you will have radicalized
he/she/it will have radicalized
we will have radicalized
you will have radicalized
they will have radicalized
Future Continuous
I will be radicalizing
you will be radicalizing
he/she/it will be radicalizing
we will be radicalizing
you will be radicalizing
they will be radicalizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been radicalizing
you have been radicalizing
he/she/it has been radicalizing
we have been radicalizing
you have been radicalizing
they have been radicalizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been radicalizing
you will have been radicalizing
he/she/it will have been radicalizing
we will have been radicalizing
you will have been radicalizing
they will have been radicalizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been radicalizing
you had been radicalizing
he/she/it had been radicalizing
we had been radicalizing
you had been radicalizing
they had been radicalizing
I would radicalize
you would radicalize
he/she/it would radicalize
we would radicalize
you would radicalize
they would radicalize
Past Conditional
I would have radicalized
you would have radicalized
he/she/it would have radicalized
we would have radicalized
you would have radicalized
they would have radicalized
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Verb1.radicalize - make more radical in social or political outlook; "Her work in the developing world radicalized her"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
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[ˈrædɪkəˌlaɪz] VTradicalizar
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[ˈrædɪkəlaɪz] vt (frm) → radicalizzare
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President Donald Trump laid blame on the internet and social media for providing places "to radicalize disturbed minds" and called on the Justice Department to work with companies "to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike." //Petra// 10/08/2019 17:50:22
Can hate speech against Muslims radicalize this community?KR: In general, we cannot say that.
The APCSS director said that many radical groups were also using the internet to connect and radicalize people with like-minded interests from different locations.
He used to radicalize students at the varsity, said the police, adding that a student and a Karachi commander of ASP have also been taken into custody.
The mosque has been at the heart of al Shabb's attempts to radicalize disillusioned young Kenyan Muslims over the past couple of years, security sources say.
His recommendations: avoid large military operations (they kill civilians and radicalize populations), rely on strategic strikes and secret intelligence operations to destroy leaders and groups deemed friendly to Al Qa'ida, and support "strong" governments (violence and civil unrest radicalize populations).
Then again, she adopts the strategy of amplifying certain minor strands in Hegel's philosophy (for example: "to radicalize Hegel's apparent hesitation as to the capacity of modernity to resolve its inherent conflicts" (8)).
Summary: Iran's government is planning to appoint a cleric in every school, a reformist newspaper reported Sunday on a move that could radicalize education in the Islamic republic.
Typically there must be a lengthy process of intense social conditioning to "radicalize" a recruit to the point where they will become willing to sacrifice their lives.
An editorial in the Nation, for example, expressed an anti-war position but did so by assessing strategic implications rather than human traumas, exemplified by the article's synopsis on the front page of the magazine's website: "[T]he spreading violence in Lebanon and Gaza demonstrates that the collective punishment of the Palestinian and Lebanese people will only further radicalize the region."
They radicalize their readership as Milton's Satan radicalizes Eve: by a mix of half-truths, malicious insinuation, and lies.
The following actions for developing dialogic feminism emerged from the presentations: (1) open a space for dialogue and reflection about the need to radicalize feminism by including women with no academic experience and any other women who have been excluded from the mainstream feminist discourse; (2) strengthen the foundations of a universal feminism that includes all women and women's cultures as a tool for change; (3) promote ways of social participation of nonacademic women that recognize their cultural diversity and contribution to society; and (4) discuss the role of education in helping women overcome social barriers and exclusion.