radio antenna

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: antenna - omnidirectional antenna comprising the part of a radio receiver by means of which radio signals are receivedradio antenna - omnidirectional antenna comprising the part of a radio receiver by means of which radio signals are received
nondirectional antenna, omnidirectional antenna - an antenna that sends or receives signals equally in all directions
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In particular, Maxar will work with Langley to build a breadboard for a deployable, semi-rigid radio antenna and will test lightweight solar cells for flexible solar panels using facilities at Glenn and Marshall that mimic the environment of space.
For almost 100 years, the primary means of receiving broadcasted information into vehicles has been through the radio antenna, or aerial.
It will deploy a seismometer, heat sensor, and radio antenna to analyze the planet's interior to extrapolate information about Mars' past and how it became the desert seen today.
A spokesperson said: "Following the construction of the temporary mast earlier this year, the team has been busy installing the TV and radio antenna along with over 2km of up to 6-inch diameter cable onto the mast in preparation for it to take over transmitting these services to the area's homes.
The North Carolina facility began in 1962 as a NASA satellite tracking station and then was handed over to the Department of Defense, which installed a 12-meter-wide radio antenna to collect classified data during the Cold War.
TRAVELLER also includes a complete range of advanced tactical audio and wideband radio antenna solutions; well suited to US Space's markets.
New Horizons has a radio antenna, cameras, and other tools.
The vibrations can be picked up with an AM radio antenna a short distance away.
(5) 22 Tam's wobbly radio antenna (4) 23 Government rules are partly codswallop, in retrospect (4)
When I was young, we made .22 rimfire guns out of automobile radio antenna sections wrapped in brass wire from the hardware store.
A wireless, paperless, "hands-free" technology that IDs each vehicle, its location, and the fluids dispensed to it, Multi-Pump has a GPS antenna and a radio antenna. GPS coordinates are stamped into the record as hour data is collected.
A group of people who live on the block have been petitioning the city to remove the radio antenna after the Department of Buildings ruled that it was illegal under the area's zoning laws.

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