radio broadcast

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broadcast - message that is transmitted by radio or television
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 25 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's monthly radio broadcast "Mann Ki Baat" will be aired today at 11 am.
Nearly every Cubs spring training game will be available via television, radio or Internet radio broadcast.
Three actors and an accordionist will bring new life to the classic Para Handy tales in a 1950s Radio Broadcast on stage at Dumfries' Theatre Royal tomorrow at 7.30pm.
A Taiwanese businessman was detained in Thailand for allegedly helping an underground radio broadcast at China, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported Friday.
Altoraifi indicated that the channel that broadcasts 24 hours round the clock is working to cover Hajj rituals and live broadcast of all prayers from the Grand Holy Mosque, noting that it broadcasts via four satellites including Arabsat, Nilesat, Hotbird and Yah Sat" alongside radio broadcast on "FM and short waves on which Saudi radio stations broadcast to the world, as well as via mobile phone applications, and on radio and television commissions sites on the internet.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A license for a Turkish radio broadcast in the city of Kardzhali, which is predominantly inhabited by Bulgarian Muslims of Turkish origin, has been postponed, according to the Turkish media.
The leaflets drew people's attention that the security forces will continue with them via a radio broadcast on the wave (FM) from inside Mosul, calling on them to follow this radio broadcast to receive important information about the attack and details of operations and the required movement between national forces and citizens.
Al Fashir, Nov 1(SUNA)- Preprations have been completed for the start of radio broadcast from Al Fashir town, towads the end of coming December, the official spokesman for the Darfur Regional Authority, Abdul Karim Musa said.
WITH the wonders of DAB radio these days I wonder how many people spent time listening to radio broadcast as opposed to television.
The comedy is about a group of actors plunged into a live radio broadcast because of staff shortages.
Scholars of communication, media, and journalism in the US, Europe, and Australia explore the role of mass media in crisis from the infamous 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds to the 2012 superstorm Sandy on the US east coast.
Today (February 13) is a date proclaimed by UNESCO to celebrate radio broadcast, improve international cooperation among radio broadcasters and encourage decision-makers to create and provide access to information through radio, including community radios.