radio car

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ra′dio car`

a police car equipped with a two-way radio.
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In a biography produced when Mrs Wadsworth worked with him as a roving radio car reporter in the mid-2000s, Mr Wadsworth is listed as working as a freelancer for Radio Leicester, Radios 1, 2, 4 and the World Service.
The soft-top Dutch army radio car turned out to be a 1964 auto union DKW Munga, a rare 4x4, believed to be one of few still surviving.
TEESSIDE Radio Car Club is putting out an open invitation for newcomers to come and enjoy radio controlled model car racing.
"Then they realised I was a big sports enthusiast so they eventually let me go out and do a bit of co-commentary and they realised I had a good knowledge of the local football scene in Kent and let me go out on my own in a radio car, which was great fun as I was still at university and all of a sudden I was driving this really exciting car with BBC on the side of it and a huge aerial.
Je n'aime pas apprendre les nouvelles par la radio car elle constitue pour moi seulement un moyen pour ecouter de la musique[beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-elle ajoute.
The other is a noticeable increase in verbal station idents, to the point that recently you could hear: 'You're listening to BBC WM 95.6' followed ten seconds later by: 'Here's BBC WM 95.6's Josephine-Lulu Tavish in our radio car...'.
When I say "special", it was actually just me in the back of the radio car, a converted estate car with blacked out windows.
I joined the department in 1970 and served for 32 years in a number of capacities, including foot and radio car patrol, plainclothes and undercover, and outreach work with youths.
Both were taking part in the British Radio Car Association 1:12th scale stock car world championship at Coventry Transport Museum at the weekend, along with dad Mark.
The following were inducted in the 2006 Hall of Fame: Gaynelle Evans, executive producer for Discovery Communications Production Group; Donald Hammonds, automotive editor, Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, radio car program host; Margie Hollins, vice president of marketing and public affairs, White, Hollins and Lujo Group; Leroy Grant, operates Grant Communications, LCC; Linda Lockhart, national-international desk editor, St.
Chasing horses and meeting trains has been replaced by rushing to 911 calls in a radio car. Technology, forensic science, and terrorism alerts all are part of the new fabric of policing.
For example, Elite Car Service guarantees that a radio car will pick up any EdificeRex member within 20 minutes - regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, or the ride is free.