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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: news - a radio broadcast of newsradio news - a radio broadcast of news    
newscast - a broadcast of news or commentary on the news
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4 Anyone else feel they'd rather be woken these days with a smack of a shovel than the morning radio news bulletin?
Following her BBC career, Winton went on to work for ITV as a TV and radio news broadcaster.
There was once talk of BBC UK network radio news programmes including national Welsh (and Scottish) content on local transmitters.
As a Radio News Anchor you will work under tight deadlines and deliver top notch newscasts.
RTVS radio news section head, Petra Stano Ma#357ascaronovskaacute, resigned from her post on Monday, October 15.
ISLAMABAD -- The first online Russian language radio news broadcasting commenced on Tuesday, its aspiration is association of South Asian countries to Russian speaking listeners.
ISLAMABAD: The first online Russian language radio news broadcasting launched its services on Tuesday on with an aim of linking South Asian countries to Russian speaking listeners.
During the visit, the delegation was briefed on a number of departments such as the networks and the studios, the work mechanism, the preparation of TV and Radio news and electronic media.
The certificate-distribution ceremony took place in the presence of the National News Agency Director (NNA) Director, Laure Sleiman Saab, Radio News Department Head, Mohammed al-Ghareeb, "Go 4 Media" Board Chairman, Samer Bou Ezzedine, and Company's Director General Linda Tannouri.
He was responsible for the early morning news bulletins when he became deputy managing director of RAI Radioi and RAI Radio News in 2007.
Wichita Public Radio won these awards for excellence from Public Radio News Directors Incorporated at the organization's annual conference in Salt Lake City on June 27.