radio signal

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: signal - a radio wave used to transmit and receive messagesradio signal - a radio wave used to transmit and receive messages
radio emission, radio radiation, radio wave - an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 0.5 cm to 30,000 m
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have created a quantum circuit that enables them to listen to the weakest radio signal allowed by quantum mechanics.
[USPRwire, Thu Mar 07 2019] Wireless sensors network global market: Introduction Wireless sensors networks are the transducers which transmit radio signals for detecting and monitoring purpose and this radio signal is converted either into analogue or digital form to interpret the received data.
The Kazakh side is obliged to bring the work of its radio transmitting devices in line, that is, the territory of the distribution of the television radio signal should be reduced, according to the international procedures for reconciling the work of radio electronic equipment deviating from the agreed parameters, the statement said.
To use this tracking method, the air traffic control sends a radio signal to the plane.
In this method, first the receiving AM radio signal containing HV noise is quadrature demodulated.
RADIO SIGNAL MAINTENANCE "Due to the steel structure of the ships and the confined spaces in which the crews work, we found that radio signals broke down constantly.
Control Co.'s Traceable Wireless Radio Signal Refrigerator Thermometer receives readings from up to three remote refrigerator sensors via 433 MHz radio signals.
There is also the problem of "multipath." A radio signal can be reflected off walls, furniture, equipment and other objects in the environment.
Suppose, following the author of [2] reasonings, the satellite sends a radio signal to the event at A to see the departure of the neutrino when this radio signal is sent back to the satellite.
TRA director of consumer affairs and media Ghada Al Gassab said it had conducted a study into radio signal levels, which found emissions from mobile phone masts to be below the global minimum.
* Based upon the specified sampling period of the radio signal envelope [f.sub.sampl], a set of input samples Z(n) is generated over the time T;