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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - not transparent to X-rays or other forms of radiation; "barium sulfate is radiopaque"
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The advantages of plain radiography are that radio-opaque renal calculus or renal cystitis/ abscess can be ruled out.
Orthopantomogram showed a huge, irregular radio-opaque calculus over the right submandibular area.
105 Degree Angle For Comfort In Situ, Should Have Radio-Opaque Line To Confirm Tube Position, Should Have A Hollow Obturator With Rounded Tip For Insertion Over A Guide Wire Make- Rusch, Portex, Shiley, Tracoe
In the study, we initially assessed all stones with USG, but sometimes we had to target radio-opaque stones with fluoroscopy.
A manual drill creates space for a balloon to be inserted into the vertebral body, with two radio-opaque marker bands indicating the balloon location within the vertebra.
There was a radio-opaque shadow in the right lower abdomen, the significance of which was unclear.
1, A and B) showed approximately 15 radio-opaque foreign bodies lodged in the mediastinum, localised within what appeared to be the myocardium.
MRI features can be confusing because the radio-opaque marker is not magnetic or paramagnetic, so is not visible.
On hands X rays, radio-opaque opacities (calcium deposits) were present in the pulp spaces of left thumb, index, middle and little finger.
5] The diagnosis of a gossypiboma may be made easily on plain film if the radio-opaque marker is intact; however, this may have disintegrated over time.
Plain radiography can be used for diagnosing radio-opaque foreign body (Chiang and Chou, 2005).
Abnormal radio-opaque densities were observed in the pelvic cavity on plain x-ray.