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Noun1.radiochemist - a chemist who specializes in nuclear chemistry
chemist - a scientist who specializes in chemistry
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Dr Mike Carroll, radiochemist at Newcastle University, said: "It allows us to target the condition more accurately as we can see the cancer a lot clearer and each patient is treated for their individual needs."
Anil Mishra, Joint Director PET radiopharmacy and Cyclotron is a world famous radiochemist is trained in Europe and will give insights in to the various radiopharmceuticals which are used in the clinical practice of Nuclear Medicine both in diagnosis and therapy.
radiochemist with over 50 years of nuclear testing and related
By comparison, PET scanners are not as common, and to use PET as a functional imaging technique for cognitive processes, it is necessary to have a cyclotron and a radiochemist nearby.
Neither is practiced by the radiochemist, but by the environmental chemist and the organic chemist, each of whom can learn the problems of working with radioactive nuclides.