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a. radiocurable, que se puede curar por medio de radioterapia.
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Hemangiopericytomas are reasonably radiosensitive and even radiocurable. (7) Although radiotherapy is typically reserved for tumor recurrence and unresectable or incompletely resected tumors, it has also been found to confer several other benefits for patients with hemangiopericytoma, including palliation of metastases in multiple areas, local tumor control, and prevention of recurrence.
In another study, Spiro et al (1) reported that postoperative radiotherapy conferred no advantage, but others (5,9) have shown that ACC is radiosensitive, although not necessarily radiocurable. (9) Radiation, therefore, might still be of value both in treating (postoperatively) locally advanced disease and in treating patients who refuse surgical resection.
Adenoid cystic carcinoma is considered to be a radiosensitive but not radiocurable tumor.