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n. radiodensidad la capacidad de una sustancia de absorber los rayos X.
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An overall homogeneous "ground glass" increase in radiodensity of the thoracic and abdominal cavities, accompanied by obvious distension of the caudal abdomen, usually is caused by ascites or peritonitis (Fig 4a).
The radiodensity of wood is variable and may be similar to that of the orbital tissues, which may account for the difficulty in recognising as well as localising the foreign body.
Radiograph of abdomen in right lateral and ventro-dorsal views revealed fully distended urinary bladder with increased radiodensity (Fig.
12 The bezoar on plain radiographs is seen as ill-defined heterogeneous mix radiodensity lesion with interspersed air foci within giving mottled appearance usually seen at the transition point of dilated bowel loops.
The quality of root filling was also assessed by its radiodensity and by the presence of voids Radiodensity is one of the criteria used to estimate a potential defect of the root canal sealing.