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n. radiodensidad la capacidad de una sustancia de absorber los rayos X.
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Finally, stage 3 tumors consist of fat necrosis, cyst formation, and wall sclerosis, which appear as areas of bone loss and increased radiodensity centrally and along the periphery of the region.
For example, "titanium-coated PEEK has been widely accepted for surgical implants because it provides the strength and radiolucence of a polymer, with the surface texture and bone apposition of a titanium implant, without the stress shielding radiodensity," said Dean Entrekin, director of technical solutions for orthopedics for Viant, a Foxborough, Mass.-based provider of medical device solutions.
Lateral radiographs will have a homogenous radiodensity filling the guttural pouch without any identifiable air space dorsally.
The proposed approach is carried out voxel by voxel, and pure voxels were identified and extracted using a plug-in called Pure Voxel Extraction (PVE), which was used to analyse the variability of radiodensity of one voxel with the mean of the values of a 124-voxel neighborhood (window of 5 x 5 x 5 voxels), as proposed by Elliot & Heck (2007a).
Dendritic pattern (10, 11); Mammograms show star-shaped irregular retroareolar radiodensity which merges with the enclosing fat tissue.
For the 7 positive cases as a group, the mean and median of the maximum radiodensity of the sign in each individual case were 364 and 399 HU, respectively (range, 99-567).
The positive replicas of the bite marks were then prepared with the help of barium powder (to increase the radiodensity) and dental stone.
The radiodensity of bone tissue after the application of synthetic biomaterial based on calcium hydroxyapatite differs a little from the intact bone of the patient, which may indicate a high degree of mineralization after implantation of calcium hydroxyapatite crystals.