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(Nuclear Physics) an element that is naturally radioactive


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈɛl ə mənt)

a radioactive element.


n. radioelemento, cualquier elemento que tiene propiedades radiactivas.
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Contract notice: Supply of radioelement sources and accessories for nuclear medicine
In terms of the topsoil properties, radioelement K was found to be correlated with [EC.sub.1:5] (r = 0.30) and CEC (/* = 0.27), whereas [EC.sub.a] from EM38v was correlated with clay (r = 0.58), FC (r = 0.53), PWP (r=0.59), pH (r = 0.46), CEC (r = 0.67) and [EC.sub.1:5] (r = 0.30).
Hydrothermal processes can cause different types of change in magnetic mineralogy and radioelement contents in geological units under deformation.
Construction of radioelement and dose rate baseline maps by combining ground and airborne radiometric data.
The ternary K-eU-eTh radioelement map (Figure 4d) was a K-eU-eTh ternary colour presentation which is useful in outlining the a real extent of the potassium alteration but ambiguous for interpreting local discontinuities
Radioelement ratios can offer a useful tool for lithological mapping.
(2001): Using thermodynamic sorption models for guiding radioelement Kd Investigations.
Commercial synthesizers costing about $14,0,000 then chemically incorporate the radioelement into a desired molecule.
Given that the MB is similar to the South Mountain Batholith in terms of its radioelement abundances (Ford et al.
Polonium-210: a volatile radioelement in cigarettes.
As long as the principal medium for radioelement transport is water, hydrogeological studies are indispensable for the full characterization of the disposal site.