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Relating to or caused by radioactivity.


(Nuclear Physics) produced or caused by radioactive decay: a radiogenic element; radiogenic heat.


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈdʒɛn ɪk)

produced by radioactive decay: radiogenic lead; radiogenic heat.
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The existence of protective effects of low-dose radiation reflected by hallmarks of cancer suppression essentially invalidates the LNT risk model for radiogenic cancer.
Support legislation authorizing the presumption of service connection for all radiogenic diseases, and eliminate dose exposure estimate requirements.
This suggests barite precipitation by mixing of two endmember fluids at varying ratios during barite formation: warm (up to 70 [degrees]C) reducing fluid bearing Ba, characterized by an elevated radiogenic Sr- and [.
A sample of eclogite (ARQ-359) from the Arquia Complex in the area of interest was selected for Lu-Hf garnet geochronology, with multiple garnet and whole-rock fractions, each consisting of 200-250 mg of material, which were dissolved in the radiogenic isotope clean laboratory at Washington State University according to the standard protocol described by Nesheim et al.
Stratigraphic positions of Kingriali Formation in support with stable isotope interpretation suggests that late Permian to middle Triassic age seawater derived brines were heated up and enriched in Fe, Mg and radiogenic Sr while circulating through elastic sediments, are responsible for the replacement of precursor limestone.
Prevention of radiogenic side effects using glutamine - enriched elemental diets.
These different questions will be addressed using trace elements, radiogenic isotopic systematics (146Sm-142Nd, 147Sm-143Nd, 138La-138Ce) and stable isotopes.
These are 1) the riverine input of radiogenic Sr due to continental silicate weathering and 2) the "mantle Sr" from hydrothermal circulation at mid-ocean ridges (Faure, 1986), likely coincident with the second-order sea level fluctuations (Gaffin, 1987).
Astronauts have brought back samples from some of these terrains, allowing researchers to use radiogenic dating to figure out when craters formed.
2)-(4) The mass-dependent isotope fractionation of Sr and Nd, both of which have several non-radiogenic stable isotopes, can be compensated for during analysis, demonstrating that the radiogenic stable isotope ratios of Sr and Nd in rocks and minerals (i.
Cultural diversity and paleomobility in the Andean Middle Horizon: radiogenic strontium isotope analyses in the San Pedro de Atacama oases of northern Chile.
Louis County to be included in the Department of Justice's Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Program as a "downwinder" community, which would make them eligible for regular health screenings for radiation exposure as well as provide grants to local public health departments for education on, and early detection of, radiogenic cancers and diseases.