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Not allowing the passage of x-rays or other radiation.

ra′di·o·pac′i·ty (-ō-păs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.radiopacity - opacity to X-rays or other radiation
opacity - the phenomenon of not permitting the passage of electromagnetic radiation
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Anomet's clad-metal wire can include precious metal cores or claddings such as platinum for biocompatibility, gold for contact resistance, tantalum for radiopacity under fluoroscopy, and silver for conductivity.
for enhancing mechanical properties, radiopacity, and bioactivity [2-6].
The measurements were taken from the highest point of the alveolar ridge in the region selected to place the implants during the next phase to the point with evidence of radiopacity change in an apical direction inside the maxillary sinus (figures 1, 2, and 3).
Radiographically, MTA is easily noticeable as it is having radiopacity equalling to 7.
It is also deployed on what the processor calls its Material Transition tubes, in which one silicone material transitions to another over the length of the tube, where different mechanical properties, additives, color, opacity, radiopacity, and durometer are required.
A significant relationship was detected between the need for the third session and radiopacity (p<0.
The highly flowable Essentia HiFlo shows an impressive radiopacity and is easily applied in narrow cavities and undercuts.
sup][13] The presence of foramina/canals was evaluated, again, on each radiographic film with/without the wire insertion (the radiopacity of the wire made the identification of the foramina easier).
4-6 It has good sealing characteristics, biocompatibility, bactericidal effects and radiopacity, and it can be set up in the presence of blood.
MTA is a complex material composed of various forms of calcium silicate with the addition of bismuth oxide for radiopacity.
2-6 Moreover, increasing the filler amount improves esthetics and imparts radiopacity, in addition to reduction of polymerization shrinkage and coefficient of thermal expansion.
Contract notice: Pharmaceuticals - heparin and radiopacity in 2016.