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A radiotelephone.

ra′di·o·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.


(Music, other) denoting or relating to music produced by electronic means
ˌradioˈphonically adv
radiophony n
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Adj.1.radiophonic - relating to or by means of radiotelephony
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His malaise, by the sympathetic magic of sports-myth, becomes the malaise of the whole city, just as his victories become the stuff of radiophonically recited epics.
Also produced by Donald McWhinnie, Embers pares down the dramatic forces required by having only two primary characters: Henry, an old man prone to talking to himself, and the sound of the sea, which radiophonically shifts and alters to represent the monotony of our hero's life.
His dead silence as Tristan Vox, his refusal to speak radiophonically into ether, paradoxically throws him into the dizzying abyss of infinite ether reminiscent of Mort d'Isolde (cr.