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Transmission of messages by radiotelegraphy.

ra′di·o·tel′e·graph′ic adj.
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for physical or chemical 32756.03 analysis 8841 Lenses, prisms, mirrors, other optical 21245.75 elements Finland 7643 Radiotelegraphic & radiotelephonic 24468.85 transmitters 7644 Parts and accessories for use with apparatus 18508.41 of division 76- (c) 7711 Transformers, electrical 15010.47 7712 Other electric power machinery, parts of 771- 17155.2 (d) 7741 Electro-medical apparatus 25730 7742 App.
Radiotelegraphic & radiotelephonic transmitters account for approximately 7 % of total Finnish exports.
Radio in the meaning of "wireless telegraphy or telephony" or "an apparatus for receiving or transmitting radio broadcasts" is a shortened form of radiotelegraphic (or -telephonic) transmission or instrument (Webster's s.v.