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A telephone in which audible communication is established by use of a two-way radio transmitter and receiver.

ra′di·o·tel′e·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.
ra′di·o·te·leph′o·ny (-tə-lĕf′ə-nē) n.


(Telecommunications) Also called: radiophone or wireless telephone a device for communication by means of radio waves rather than by transmitting along wires or cables
(Telecommunications) to telephone (a person) by radiotelephone
Sometimes shortened to: radio
radiotelephonic adj
radiotelephony n


(ˌreɪ di oʊˈtɛl əˌfoʊn)

n., v. -phoned, -phon•ing. n.
1. a telephone in which sound or speech is transmitted by means of radio waves instead of through wires or cables.
v.t., v.i.
2. to communicate by radiotelephone.
ra`di•o•tel`e•phon′ic (-ˈfɒn ɪk) adj.
ra`di•o•te•leph′o•ny (-təˈlɛf ə ni) n.
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Noun1.radiotelephone - telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wireradiotelephone - telephony that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire
wireless - transmission by radio waves
2.radiotelephone - a telephone that communicates by radio waves rather than along cables
cellphone, cellular phone, cellular telephone, mobile phone, cell - a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver
phone, telephone, telephone set - electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"


[ˌreɪdɪəʊˈtɛlɪˌfəʊn] nradiotelefono
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You will also want to obtain an FCC radio station license for your aircraft ($110, valid for 10 years) to operate a domestically registered aircraft internationally, as well as an FCC restricted radiotelephone operator's permit ($55, valid forever) for yourself.
The first commercial radiotelephone communication between continents occurred between New York and London in January 1927.
A new marine radiotelephone service, called digital selective calling, will allow mariners with the proper equipment to send an automatically formatted distress message instantly to the Coast Guard or any other rescue authority in the world.
Effects of mobile GSM radiotelephone exposure on the auditory brainstem response (ABR).
Our concessions to the modern world are a radiotelephone, propane refrigerator and stove, and satellite TV.
The Federal Communications Commission describes the concept of cellular service as: "Licensees use cellular radiotelephone service (commonly referred to as cellular) spectrum to provide a mobile telecommunications service for hire to the general public using cellular systems.
They put up the American flag and spent time chatting to President Nixon by radiotelephone.
1926:A radiotelephone link was established between London and New York.
Mini Eyesafe Laser Infrared Observation Set (MELIOS) laser rangefinders are typically distributed to the leader and sergeant of an infantry platoon, the airborne version of which, for example, consists of three rifle squads, a weapons squad, and a headquarters that includes the platoon leader, sergeant, and radiotelephone operator (RTO).
IN THE 1930S A YOUNG BELL LABS ENGINEER named Karl Jansky set out to find the source of radio interference that plagued transatlantic radiotelephone calls --and discovered low-frequency emissions from the Sagittarius Milky Way.
NAICS: 513310 - Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone
The backpacked radiotelephone of WW2 is today's belt-mounted fashion accessory and probably tomorrow's fingertip garnish.