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A telephone in which audible communication is established by use of a two-way radio transmitter and receiver.

ra′di·o·tel′e·phon′ic (-fŏn′ĭk) adj.
ra′di·o·te·leph′o·ny (-tə-lĕf′ə-nē) n.
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Adj.1.radiotelephonic - relating to or by means of radiotelephony
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Controllers have to be skilled at interacting with pilots, other operators and a wide range of stimuli (e.g., radar, radiotelephonic interactions with pilots and other operators and parties, weather information, flight progress strips, alarms) as well as making decisions based on this range of input.
for physical or chemical 32756.03 analysis 8841 Lenses, prisms, mirrors, other optical 21245.75 elements Finland 7643 Radiotelegraphic & radiotelephonic 24468.85 transmitters 7644 Parts and accessories for use with apparatus 18508.41 of division 76- (c) 7711 Transformers, electrical 15010.47 7712 Other electric power machinery, parts of 771- 17155.2 (d) 7741 Electro-medical apparatus 25730 7742 App.