a.1.Consisting of rays, as light.
2.Radiating; radiant.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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k Hydraulic conductivity Pi Interstitial fluid pressure [R.sub.n] Necrotic core radious [[phi].sub.B] Fluid source term [[phi].sub.L] Lymphatic drainage term [L.sub.p] Hydraulic conductivity [P.sub.b] Blood pressure [[sigma].sub.s] Average osmotic reflection coefficient [[pi].sub.b] Osmotic pressure of the plasma [[pi].sub.i] Osmotic pressure of the interstitial fluid A Capillary radius [mu] Blood viscosity S Tumor surface V Tumor volume Mostafa Zakariapour (1) *, Mohammad Hossein Hamedi (2) and Nasser Fatouraee (3)
The other item which are likely to be taken up in the CCI include supply of gas to villages within 5 km radious of gas filed.
Remark: From (8) and (11), it can be figure out that the border of S is acturally a cirlce with the center at ([alpha]/2,0), and the radious is [square root of [[alpha].sup.2]/4 + [beta]].
The Punjab government will provide free education, school bags and books to the brick kiln children enrolled to schools under this campaign and it will be ensured through strict monitoring for the continuous process of these children in these schools under the radious of 2 kilometers from each brick kiln.
TWiST (Tcl web Service Toolkit) License Open source Open source Authentication CAS, External DB, LDAP, PAM, First class, LDAP, RADIOUS, web IMAP, NNTP, services Moodle network, PAM, POP3, RADIUS, Shibboleth, web services Syndication feeds RSS, ATOM RSS, ATOM Criteria Blackboard Sakai Development Java Java Language E-learning IMS-CP, IMS-MD, IMS-CP, IMS-LD, standards IMS-QTI, IMS-LD, IMS-QTI, IMS IMS Enterprise, Enterprise, SCORM SCORM Web services SOAP SOAP, REST protocols Web services Blackboard Building JWS implemented in Development blocks or JWS (Java Apache Axis web Service).
Conventional microstrip patch: radious. Initial value Final value Resonance frequency 2.25 GHz 2.4GHz [P.sub.r] 24.7 mm 23.4mm Substrate thickness 3.175 mm 3.175 mm tan [delta] 0.0009 0.0009 Table 2.
The zone of Jakarta and its surrounding areas which previously cover a radious of 30 km from Jakarta not has covered 8 other cities including Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikampek, Rangkasbitung, serang, Cilegon and Karawang.
He was the only one of his kind in a radious of forty-five miles.